Real-time invoice reporting – RTIR

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Turn-key SAP add-on solution for real-time invoice data reporting (RTIR) complying to reporting obligation to Hungarian Tax Office (NAV) as of July 1st, 2018

Any Hungarian, VAT-registered entity that issues invoices with a VAT amount above HUF 100,000 (approx. EUR 320) to another VAT-registered entity in Hungary, shall be required to directly report these invoices “without delay” to the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV). This change also applies to businesses established outside of the country but registered for VAT in Hungary. Failure to report the invoices in real time may be sanctioned by administrative penalty of up to HUF 500,000 (EUR 1700) per invoice.

Detailed tax reporting in the EU is trending upward; EU Tax Offices are setting up frameworks in order to enable transparent operation of businesses, thus control and eliminate tax risks. EU Tax Offices have already introduced measures across Europe in several countries.

In order to enable our Partners to suit the requirements of the Hungarian Tax Office (NAV), and also different EU Tax Offices across Europe, we are introducing our latest SAP Add-On solution developments (SAP version independent and SAP certified) that supports invoicing process from invoice-issuing until the tax reporting to Tax Authority.

The solution is fully integrated into SAP without external interface or using external software; runs over SAP ECC, compatible with Hungarian Tax Office (NAV) standards. Our RTIR Add-on contains easily configurable extractors, a cockpit to monitor invoice reporting, integrated XSD validation, communication status monitoring and error reporting. RTIR’s ability to incorporate external invoice data from other billing systems is one of its key features.

Our SAP RTIR Add-on features automatic dataflow:

  • creats invoice data in XML format
  • checks and validates
  • performs direct data reporting to Hungarian Tax Office (NAV),
  • obtains acknowledgement message from Hungarian Tax Office NAV

  • Installation and operation our RTIR Add-On

  • Simple by external transport files
  • Globally registered /SNI/ namespace for all objects
  • No effect on SAP standards and is not effected by SAP upgrades
  • SAP Certification – In progress for Hungary
  • ABAP – programing language, English – product language
  • Standard SAP authorization used
  • Dedicated customizing tables
  • New transaction Codes and Menus
  • Data consistency protected
  • Manual intervention prevented

  • Governments all over the globe are working hard to reduce shadow economies thus companies are required and must be prepared to provide the required data. In order to support our Partners to comply with the regulations of Tax Authorities, we offer a turn-key solution. As transparent operation of businesses is a world-wide trend, we offer to implement a comprehensive solution to be able to meet these expectations, rather than using a country specific system limiting the wide-ranging applicability.

    We offer an SAP RTIR Add-on that has already been used in several European countries and complies with the regulations of European Tax Authorities. This certified SAP Add-on was introduced by SAP’s global development partner, SNI. SNI’s expertise covers e-Invoicing, e-Document and e-Tax Reporting. SNI's core business is to provide SAP certified Add-Ons for legal compliance to a large number of companies (having already over 400+ satisfied customers). SNI has partnered with several local and global tax advisors and also employs senior VAT experts working together with SAP technical developers. This combination of knowledge assures high quality of SNI’s products and support services.

    SNI’s SAP Add-Ons is covering and supporting tax reporting requirements in the following countries:

    We offer our Partners a comprehensive SAP Add-on solution. The Add-On is shipped as an external transport file and can be installed via standard SAP transport tools. The standard customization of the full solution can be done in 2 days in each environment. The creation and submission of the RTIR reports can be fully automated in SAP batch jobs. For communication security we use SSL secured web services between the customer system and SNI cloud (if chosen) as well as to the government systems. Based on our experience of several implementations in other countries, implementation process takes about 4 – 6 weeks, including the implementation of bug fixes and company-specific business scenarios. The price is a one-off fixed fee, including license, implementation and 12-months support: maintenance (bug fixes & legal updates) with SLA commitments. Standard setup is included in the license price.

    The best way to proceed is to request for a demo in our SAP environment. The demo is usually provided via video conference; and facilitates effective Q&A and a quick overview and understanding of the solution and its functionality.

    Request for a SAP RTIR Add-on demo